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Panopreter Plus is a tool that lets you convert any text file in RTF, DOC, or PDF into an audio file in WAV. The other possibility is directly writing in the program's text box, which you can also do. This way, you just have to type (or copy and paste) whatever it is that you want to hear as audio and then click Play.

Panopreter Plus includes several languages by default, such as English, Spanish (from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain, and the United States), Chinese, Russian, and Catalan. Unfortunately, in this trial version you can only listen to the American English voice (there's also a British English voice).

Panopreter Plus is a pretty interesting program that reads any piece of text that you copy into it, no matter how big it is. It's pretty useful, for instance, to listen to an article while you're sprawled on the couch or in bed.

The trial version only works for 30 days. English is the only language you can listen to.

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